Treat yourself!

Sitting down to try and put together a website within the enigma that is cyber space, whilst looking longingly out of the window at the beautiful Autumn day that was happening outside, I found that I couldn’t bare it any longer and I dragged our newly purchased Costco bistro set out of the garage and set it up directly in front of the sun, even if the only place I had to put was the driveway! I might have endured questionable looks from the neighbours, but I was so grateful for some fresh air and the warmth of the sun on my face that I felt much more enthusiastic about battling with cyber space!

This got me wondering, how often do we make compromises to ourselves to make tasks a little more bearable, to help feed our enthusiasm or are we more likely to tell ourselves that we shouldn’t do something, we mustn’t, we can’t, we should carry on regardless as to how we feel, as that what ‘ought to be done’. Well what if it wasn’t, I mean, there is no rule book, there is no spoon! Why can’t you compromise with yourself, or give yourself a treat or reward? In fact, why wouldn’t you? You would treat a child, a pet or a partner, why wouldn’t you reward yourself? You can’t always change the tasks that need to be done or avoid battles you might have to face but you can find ways to compromise or reward yourself, perhaps making these things a little more tolerable and even renew your enthusiasm!


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